about me


Who is Cats Eating Cornflakes?

Cats Eating Cornflakes is a one person musical project based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. 

Reminiscing about the old Dance eJay software that I used to play about with when I was younger, I decided to do a bit of a search for something similar. I didn't really find quite what I was looking for, but stumbled upon Bandlab.com. I tinkered around with that, and released my first EP, Wasted Breakfast, in June of 2021. This was followed by several singles, before I released Dark Nights Call For Dark Chocolate in April of 2022. This was my first attempt at building an album around a particular concept - this being a long, cold and rainy night. It was also my first venture into a more ambient style of music. 

After experimenting with and releasing more "conventional" music, in May of 2023 I felt inspired to rebrand the visual side of things, a task which included the construction of a website. This in turn inspired me to work on new music and I've embraced dark ambient noise. Several releases have since followed, including a 3 track EP, and multiple singles. I also have been tinkering with making music videos, and have released several MVs to accompany releases.

I'm open and honest about how difficult I can find it to create music, as I never really studied music when I was younger, and don't really understand music theory. Sometimes, when I listen to my favourite musicians, it can feel a little demotivating because I know I'll likely never make something as good as that, or as technically complex. All that said, I enjoy the act of tinkering around in the Cakewalk DAW, and with darker ambient noise allowing me to be freed from the restrains of conventional sound and structure, I feel like I may have finally found my little niche.

The album cover for "Choleric Celeriac Cataclysm", a 3 track EP of dark ambient noise.