30th April 2023

Cats Eating Cornflakes is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website. This allows me to link to my social media links as well as allowing me to link to some of the various streaming services plus the Cats Eating Cornflakes Bandcamp, all from one place. This also spurred me into making some changes to the CEC branding (ie the logo). As you can see, there is now a nice version of the logo with a black background, which is better suited to a darker website. I've tweaked the CEC Bandcamp to reflect the colours of the new website, making use of the purple and green from the logo. I like it, I think it looks nice.

I may redo the cover art to the singles to reflect the new, dark, look, but I'm not sure yet. Perhaps when I've got a bit more free time to dedicate to making a nicer design overall. Something I have learned from working on this website, and my personal website, is the importance of consistency. A clean and consistent look really makes things look so much better. It's little things like how my EP cover art has a solid coloured outline around it, but the cover art for the album doesn't. It makes it look odd, in a way. I think I might want to go back and redo both of those cover arts so they have matching outlines, even if the content inside the outline is different. I could then use the same outline for the cover art for the singles. But that's a decent amount of work to do, so we'll see how I get on.

Of course, if I make all these changes to the branding, I will need to change the branding on the various streaming services to reflect this. Different services wanted different sizes of images, so I'll need to spend time tweaking for the services. That said, I may decide to stop trying to use the CEC logo in header images, where it often gets parts of it cut off. I may just have a text header, which is easier to fit into the requirements. Then I can just use the logo for profile pictures and the like. That would make things a little easier, I think.

On that note, it's time for me to call it a day.

CEC <3