1st May 2023

Well, it didn't take me long, after all. I decided this morning that I would work on refreshing my branding.  I redid all coverart for everything, using the same font as on the website for all the singles. Headers on Spotify and Youtube have been changed to use the same font, and now reflect the new, cleaner appearance. It looks better, no matter whether you are viewing on mobile phone, tablet or desktop / laptop computer. All logos (aside from that small one on Youtube that hasn't changed, for some reason) have been redone. Changes are rolling out across the various streaming services for both the logos and the coverart - at this point I've done all I can to get the process moving. 

I've made these changes because it now gives a far more consistent feel. White coverart on a black background looked out of place. The original font for the coverart of the singles didn't really fit the style I was going for. I've also made the same changes on Bandcamp, so everything better reflects everything else. This makes me happy.