4th May 2023

After having writer's block (or should that be musician's block?) for a long time, I abandoned all the random work in progress tracks I had, and instead went in a completely different direction. In a radical departure from pretty much all previous releases, I have persued a more ambient, somewhat drone, style of music. My hope is that I can focus on releasing more music of this style, which seems to suit me better. I enjoyed making it, I enjoy listening to it and I'm so pleased to feel inspired again.  Choleric Celeriac Cataclysm is a three part EP, based around a central core sound. Originally planned to be a 17 minute long track, I found that I liked the idea of splitting the core sound into three parts, and building around that, with each track on the EP sounding similar, but different. Whilst I'm sure other artists in the genre will find my work simple or derivative, I hope to learn and grow as an ambient artist.

For now, I hope people can enjoy what I have done, and join me on a journey to see what more I can do.