26th May 2024

Good afternoon!

May seems to have been a particularly productive month for me this year. I'm not sure if I've had another month where I've put out quite so much noise. I actually forgot to share the release I did on  the 14th May. Whoops. I guess I'll do that now then. So yeah, I released a brand new album of dark ambient noise - the snazzily titled "No-one's Coming To Dinner." 5 tracks of more brooding dark ambient noise than recent releases. Today also marks the release of "Scorched Cheese Sauce" which is a more distorted slab of noise. I am also working on something else, though I don't think that will be released today. Maybe tomorrow, or later in the week. 

It feels nice to be feeling productive. It feels nice to have a little niche to occupy. I know that the noise I make isn't likely to be enjoyed by the average music listener, but I make the soundscapes I make for myself, more than anything. Anyway, less rambling, more working on music. Ta-ta for now!

CEC <3